Conversation Modules

Weekly 45 minute conversation sessions designed to grow your child's metacognitive (ability to reflect on their own thoughts) and interpersonal interaction skills. Our 4 week sessions are designed to help boost your child's social, educational and individual confidence in person to person communication

* Modules are designed for children ages 8-12 and 13 & up.   (Module structure can be specified if needed)         

*Students will receive weekly conversation worksheets to work on prior to sessions.

*All modules take place on Skype, and are transcribed within 48 hours to study before the next session.



                                CLASSROOM PRESENTATIONS


Hour long interactive presentations designed for elementary school classrooms. Lively presentations with music, audience interaction and silly stories to show young audiences the joy of conversation and the importance of being able to speak clearly to others.

* School Assemblies                                                   *Non-profit organizations

* PTA Conventions                                                    * Teacher Conferences